Next month in San Francisco, I’ll participate in a panel discussionZócalo Public Square entitled, “How Do We Put The People Back in The Initiative Process?”

The title is far too negative, as I’ll be pointing out that the people of California are already “in the initiative process,” relishing their power to vote on every measure, defeating even the biggest spending issues backed by special interests, passing needed reforms. Yet, there are important ways to improve the process.

If you are in the Metro DC area please join us this Wednesday, April 1st for a unique happy hour. “Citizens On Tap” is an informal gathering of friends and colleagues seeking mutual understanding over a pint of beer (or wine…?) Join in the fun this Wednesday!

Citizens On Tap

Please RSVP to Trevor@CitizensInCharge.org

About the organizers:

CPAC Interview: Paul Jacob

Sat, Feb 28 2009 — Source: HotAir.com

One of the mostly-unsung heroes of grassroots conservatism is Paul Jacob. He has spent his life helping conservatives organize against the reach of government through grassroots movements, mostly through the initiative process where applicable. I talk to Paul about how that almost landed him in prison in Oklahoma for ten years, and how conservatives and libertarians need to push for change through local and state initiatives ”” and why that challenges the entrenched powers in the legislatures: (VIDEO)