Proponents of simple majority- proposed in the ballot measure EHJR 4204 - say this is simply democracy at its best.

Tax rebates for homeowners who make more than $200,000, a new school-funding formula and the future of the state’s lottery and toll roads are among the key state issues to be decided at the polls next month.

Starting today, signature gatherers will ask Portland residents to put a law on next year’s ballot decriminalizing possession of as much as an ounce of marijuana.

To its supporters, Measure 37 was unfinished business from three decades earlier, when Oregon put most rural land off-limits to development.

Opponents of the multibillion-dollar roads and transit measure on next month’s ballot were once so underfunded and disorganized that few people took them seriously. No longer.

Under Proposition 218, a unanimous City Council must approve the mayor’s request to place an “emergency” ballot measure before the voters. Dennis Zine and Greig Smith were the holdouts until Tony V worked his magic behind closed doors

Letter to the editor from history teacher on Oregon’s Measure 49, the property rights measure.

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights will be on the ballot in November. The Maine Supreme Judicial Court cleared the way for TABOR on Thursday when it overturned a Superior Court ruling that found the secretary of state erred when he accepted signed petitions beyond a deadline set by the Legislature. “The question of the statute’s consistency with the [c]onstitution is at the heart of this case,” wrote Chief Justice Leigh Ingalls Saufley for the five-judge majority.

The state Senate approved new limits Wednesday on the ability of towns and their residents to fight unwanted development projects. In a floor fight lead by Lewiston state Sen. Peggy Rotundo, a Democrat, and Sen. Dana Dow, R-Waldoboro, opponents tried to stop the legislation and then to amend it to make it less restrictive. While they were unable to stop the bill, a compromise reached with the bill’s supporters did extend the amount of time that municipalities and residents have to react to development proposals.