Three Statewide Ballot Questions to Appear on November’s Ballot

Thu, Jun 26 2014 — Source: KTVN

A lot of offices will be decided in Nevada this November, but not a lot of issues. The deadline for signature petitions has passed and the two being circulated didn’t get enough signatures to qualify. Both were conservative-backed issues. One asking that all voters provide photo ID was re-worded and then failed to get enough signatures. The second asked that a statewide health insurance exchange be banned. No signatures were turned in on that one either.

Officials say the number of questions on the ballot in a general election varies every cycle.

“It really is different every time,” said Washoe County Registrar of Voters, Luanne Cutler. “In 2012, we only had one statewide question, one county question and one for Reno, but say in 2010, we had four statewide questions and seven county questions, which was a lot. And in 2006 we had four statewide questions and 11 county questions. It really does just depend on who’s out there pushing the issues.”

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