Summer Petition Drives Heat Up

Tue, May 20 2014 by Neal Hobson

In recent weeks, both Illinois and Missouri have seen their signature-submission deadline pass with less than a handful of initiative petitions crossing the finish in time.

On the first of May, Illinois term limits supporters submitted nearly 600,000 signatures. Days later, a measure to reform the redistricting process turned in over 500,000 signatures. Both measures are likely to qualify, as the requirement for a spot on this November’s ballot is only 298,399 valid signatures.

On May 4, Missourians submitted two petitions: one measure would provide six weeks of early voting in the Show-Me State and the other would tie teacher retention and pay to student performance, as measured by standardized testing.

It will be weeks before these petition signatures are validated and the results are known. Meanwhile, below is a list of approaching signature submission deadlines in the other initiative states:

•             June 20 – Montana
•             July 2 – Ohio
•             July 3 – Arizona
•             July 3 – Washington state. (For initiatives to the people)
•             July 4 – Arkansas, Nebraska, & Oregon
•             July 7 - Michigan
•             July 11 – Washington state (For referendums)
•             August 6 – Colorado
•             August 6 – North Dakota
•             September 5 – Oklahoma

Citizens in Charge will continue to monitor the progress of petitions submitted for validation as deadlines pass and update our website accordingly.

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